National Good Neighbor Day


It is never too late to meet your neighbors, whether you've just bought the house next door or if someone new moved into the apartment across the hall. Here at Conroy's Flowers Torrance we think that hand delivering your neighbor flowers is a great way to break the ice and get to know the people who call your community home. Nothing beats a great neighbor, someone who checks your mail when your out of town, lets your dog out when you’ve been gone too long, or even lets you borrow a cup of sugar when your elbow deep in cake batter and can’t make it to the store. Delivering your neighbor flowers can welcome a new family to the neighborhood, or even be an invitation to your next family barbeque. When deciding on the perfect arrangement to deliver to your neighbors think low maintenance flowers in a beautiful basket or vase. Conroy's Flowers Torrance has the beautiful Autumn Medley Bouquet that you can deliver to your neighbors, which has vibrant orange and red roses with mini carnations this impressive gift will brighten up their home and definitely make them smile. Maybe you’ve noticed that your neighbor has spunky lab, you can deliver your neighbor an arrangement with an assorted plush animal for their adorable fur baby! Here at Conroy's Flowers Torrance we specialize in breathtaking floral arrangements for any occasion so the next time you want to introduce yourself to new neighbors we can help you bring the perfect gift!

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