**Snowdrop** is a delicate, early-blooming flower that often signals the first sign of spring. It's a symbol of hope and rebirth as it bravely pushes through the snow to bloom, heralding the coming warmer days.

Snowdrops are small, usually reaching heights of 3-4 inches. Their most distinguishing feature is the drooping, bell-shaped white flowers with three outer petals and three smaller inner petals, often marked with a touch of green. Their slender, green leaves gracefully complement the bright blooms.

Snowdrop represents hope, purity, and rebirth. As one of the first flowers to bloom even through the snow, it symbolizes resilience and the promise of better days ahead.

Preferring dappled shade, snowdrops thrive in moist, well-draining soil. They're typically planted as bulbs in the fall and can naturalize, returning year after year.

Snowdrops are commonly used in woodland gardens, borders, and naturalized areas, adding a touch of brightness in the late winter landscape.


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