Flowers for Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th is said to be the unluckiest day on the calendar, especially when it falls in October! How did this day become so spooktacular? Here at Conroy's Flowers Torrance in Torrance, CA we checked it out to see if we could figure out how this day became so unlucky. Its exact origins are unknown, but the superstitious day may have originated from the publication of "Friday, the Thirteenth" a book published in 1907 about unfortunate events on Wall Street. This Friday the 13th send someone a beautiful arrangement like Garden of Grandeur filled with bright beautiful sunflowers and pink roses or the Floral Treasures Bouquet filled with pink lilies, pink daisies, purple daisies and more to bring them some good luck! Comment below your most spooky or unlucky Friday the 13th experience! Conroy's Flowers Torrance would love to read!

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