Flowers for Family Day


Nothing is more important than family especially friends that have become family over the years. The Conroy's Flowers Torrance family has expertise in creating beautiful bouquets that will make those friends feel so loved. On this special day, we honor families all over the world, big or small, from overseas to right here in Torrance, CA. But it is also important to remember friends who are a part of the family as well. Today take the time out to let those special friends know that they are special to you like family, in addition to letting family members know how much you appreciate and love them. A beautiful floral bouquet for your closest friend, will help your loved one feel extra special. You can surprise your family friend with a floral bouquet waiting on them on the dining room table. This will definitely brighten up your family’s home and their day. We have so many options for a bouquet that will be perfect for your family and friends like the Sunshine and Kisses arrangement or the Basket of Sunshine arrangement with fresh and bright daisies, roses carnations and lilies. When reading this did you have a special family friend come to mind? If so call us at Conroy's Flowers Torrance so we can create an arrangement that shows your loved one they were on your mind.

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