DIY Flower Crown Tips


At Conroy's Flowers Torrance we love the flower crown trend that has been sweeping over our Instagram and Pinterest timelines! We want to show you how you can take a beautiful floral arrangement and make your own fresh flower crown, great for many different occasions and events, right here in Torrance, CA. When making your own fresh flower crown you may want to choose one of our flower arrangements made with fresh flowers in your favorite color palettes like Plum Crazy Flower Arrangement or Shades of Pink Flower Arrangement. Here’s the items you’ll need:

  1. Wire
  2. Fresh Flowers
  3. Green Floral Tape
  4. Wire Cutter

Take your wire and bend it in a circle to fit the circumference of your head. You may need to try it on a couple times. Then you want to take the fresh flowers in your bouquet and cut them all the same height. Then you’ll want to wrap tape around each of the flowers and the floral headband and keep it as dense as possible. Continue this around the wore until you have the whole thing covered in flowers. Voila! A Fresh flower headband made by you! Now you’re Coachella ready! To shop Conroy's Flowers Torrance simple flower arrangements perfect for a fresh flower crown call us at (310) 539-0624 today!

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