7 Fun Date Night Ideas


Date nights are important for any relationship, they are great ways to spend quality time with your significant other and have fun. But the regular dinner and a movie can get pretty boring after a while, so here at Conroy's Flowers Torrance we have compiled 7 fun date ideas that you can try with your honey!

  1. Wine and painting

    This has become very popular recently and is great for date night! You bring your own bottle of wine and are taught how to paint a picture by an artist. You can try to do this at home by buying some blank canvases and paint. Grab one of our romantic bouquets like Radiant Romance or Victorian Romance and try painting it. It’s a super fun way to get creative with your significant other and you can trade your creation at the end as a keepsake!

  2. Paintballing

    This date night idea isn’t for the faint of heart! Try as a couple or invite some friends for a day ducking and dodging paintballs. (Keep in mind that being shot by paint balls is a little uncomfortable) This date night idea is really great for couples who like to get active and try something new. Check out your local paintball facility in Torrance, CA to see what kind of packages they have!

  3. $5 Thrift

    With this date night idea, you and your honey hit up your local goodwill or thrift shop and look for a date night outfit for $10 or less. The wackier the better! Sure, to create a lot of laughs seeing the crazy outfits you can put together and if you are super daring you can wear your outfits to dinner!

  4. Host Game night

    Grab a couple board games, call some friends, and order some pizza! This really easy date night idea is sure to be a lot of fun, you can even buy a small prize for the couple who wins the most games!

  5. Weird Food Tasting

    It’s fun to experience something new together during a date night. Try looking up a recipe with an ingredient you and your significant other have never tried then buy the ingredients and try to cook the recipe together. Sure, to be a fun to try something new even if it comes out completely gross!

  6. Make matching shirts

    Sometimes for date night the cheesier the better, try grabbing some blank t-shirts and fabric paint from your nearest craft store. Then you both can decorate shirts for each other to wear on another date night.

  7. Host a sport event

    Group date night is a cool idea sometimes to meet other couples and get a little competitive. Call up a couple friends to play a Saturday game of kickball or baseball! Buy color coordinating t-shirts for each team and make a day of it!

When thinking of new and exciting ideas for date night with your honey try one of these ideas to show your significant other a good time. Conroy's Flowers Torrance has beautiful arrangements for any date night that keep things special. Comment some of your favorite date night ideas below!

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